You must be logged into a Facebook account to use these tools.

In order to use some of these tools, you must know the Account ID of the subject(s) you wish to research. To identify an Account ID you must load the Facebook Profile of your subject and right click the page before selecting View Page Source from the options list. While on the Source Page, press CTRL+F and search for the phrase "Profile_ID", the subjects Account ID will be the number after this phrase.

Overview: Tool:
Posts based on topic
Posts based on keywords
Profile by name
Profile by email
Profile by Account ID
Profile by name & current location
Profile by name & past location
Users who went somewhere
Profile by current workplace
Profile by past workplace
Posts by user
Posts by user featuring keywords
User posts during specific year
Photo(s) posted by user
Photo(s) of user
Photo(s) user interested in
Photo(s) user interacted with
Photo(s) featuring keywords
Places visited by user
Places checked-in by user
Groups user is member of
Video(s) posted by user
Video(s) of user
Videos featuring keywords
Apps used by user
Friends of user
Photo(s) liked by friends
Friends photo comments
Photo(s) of friends
Videos liked by friends
Friends video comments
Posts by friends
Posts by friends featuring others
Friends post comments
Apps used by friends
Places friends checked-in
When did they become friends
Mutual Friends
Comparison of places visited
Photos featuring both users
Common event(s)
Common groups
Post likes
Group likes
Group Members
Express Data Search

Misc Facebook Tools:

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