In order to use some of the tools, you must know the Twitter Account Name of the subject(s) you wish to research. A Twitter Account Name is normally displayed on a users profile after the '@' symbol. If it is not shown right click the page and select View Page Source from the list of options. While on the Source Page, press CTRL+F and search for the phrase "@", the subjects Twitter Account Name will be displayed after this symbol.

Overview: Tool:
Posts based on keywords
Posts based on location
Profile by real name
Alternative by name
Profile by account name
Twitter ID by account name
Account bio changes
Account information via Google
Tweets by user
Posts between specific dates
Tweets to user
Media posted
Photo(s) posted by user
General picture search
Keyword analytics
Account analytics
Mutual follows - 2 accounts
Mutual follows - 3 accounts

Misc Twitter Tools:

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